Equipped, empowered college students can change the world.

The college age years are a season of life unlike any other. We continue to develop our personalities, our relationships and our directions in life in unprecedented ways. Because of this, we at First College Ministry consider these years to be an invaluable opportunity: for spiritual growth, for leadership development, and for understanding our purpose.

It is our goal to invest wholeheartedly in college students in order to equip and empower them to pursue the Lord with passion and live lives on mission.
Serving and equipping College students in their faith is our passion. As such, this is how we verbalize our mission:

We are for the campus, for the city, and for the nations.
We want to serve our community while sharing the good news that Jesus desires to have a personal relationship with you. You are important to us, and you matter deeply to Jesus. We would like to connect with you and connect you to our church and college ministry.
Nathan Verghese
College Pastor, FBC Tuscaloosa